“Boddhi Satva mixe les grands rythmes de l’Afrique et les renouvelle.” ­ Le Monde Afrique

"It’s a firm recognition of ancient and future spirits and signals a new dimension in African Music."
­ Andy Thomas [Shook Magazine]

"Killer New House album." (Invocation) ­ Gilles Peterson [BBC , Worldwide]

“His inimitable music has a distinct African rhythm as well as a profoundly uplifting and inspiring appeal to all people, irrespective of origin." ­ Rubina Singh [Gulf Times]

"Many angles of Afrohouse."
­ Quest Love [The Roots , Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]

"Any House Head can tell you that soul uplifting music is right when Boddhi Satva drums start spilling out of the speakers." ­ Tendai Luwo [BPM]

"Very few have the talent to mix Ancestral Rhythms and Melodies with modern Electronic Music. Longue vie àBoddhi Satva." ­ Manu Dibango [of "Soul Makossa" fame]

"I may be totally biased but I'm struggling to find any other producer, especially in the Afro­house circles in which he is often lumped, with a more compelling approach to production and remixing." ­ Phiona Okumu [The Guardian]

Coined as the father of Ancestral Soul and Hailing from the Central African Republic, Boddhi Satva is a DJ/Producer who is changing the way that people experience music.

From being one of the only DJ/ Producers showcased on Coca Cola's Coke Studio Africa, to having his music released by some of the most prominent independent record labels such as Osunlade's Yoruba Records, Bob Sinclair’s Yellow, and Dixon’s Innervisions. Boddhi knows how to keep one foot on the mainstream and the other on the dance floor. Furthermore, he is widely known as a protégé to Grammy winning Lil Louie Vega (Masters at Work), who was the Executive Producer of Boddhi’s first album Invocation, released in 2012. The BBE­release debut was celebrated all over the world by many, including the global tastemaker Gilles Peterson. From then on, Boddhi's journey has reached all corners of the world, from open air festivals, to the most renown underground venues, including residencies in Europe, North America & Asia.

2015 was just another confirmation of a success which is still in its early years of growth. Boddhi Satva displayed his creations in front of 60,000+ people during the 11th edition of the African Games in Congo­Brazzaville and exerted as private DJ for international football/soccer player Samuel Eto'o. Furthermore, he released his Sophomore album Transition. A true Ancestral masterpiece including great artists such as Davido, Omar Lyefook MBE, Kaysha, tNelson Freitas, Teedra moses, Mohammed Diaby and many other wonderful artists from all over the globe. 2016 promises to be another exciting year including upcoming collaborations with no one less but St.Germain.

Next to all his productions, Boddhi Satva still manages to be a cultural ambassador of good music and a testament for the tenacity of the human spirit.